What My Clients Are Saying

  • My experience with Greg was wonderful. I came to him for guidance after not being able to figure out why I had a string of failed relationships. I was very closed off and unwilling to see the changes that needed to be made within but in his sessions, he helped me see how I needed to value myself before anyone else could value me. Each session with Greg was eye opening and metamorphic. He was very easy to speak to and extremely professional. It is because of Greg that I now know what I want and deserve in all of my relationships in life, especially with my future partner. I finished Calling In “The One” on September 1st, 2020, and then I called in my beloved that December. It was a very different relationship than the ones I’d had in the past because of my inner work with Greg. We had fun dating and getting to know each other and our respective families. In May of 2022, my beloved asked me to marry him, and we were married on July 2nd, 2022. I feel blessed and very happy. I’m also grateful and thankful to Greg. I highly recommend him and Calling In “The One”.

    Minal Client, New Jersey
  • When I signed up for Conscious Uncoupling with Greg after spending nearly 4 years in an expensive litigious divorce, it was the best investment I could have made. With Greg's guidance I was able to see with absolute clarity who I was being in this divorce and who I needed to become in order to create a healthy and fair financial resolution.

    Without any doubt this was instrumental in moving the divorce to a fair (and within a week!) conclusion after being stuck for so long. It’s now one year later and the ex and I have a relationship which is probably the healthiest it has ever been. What is wonderful is that our children are now able to relax when we're both present at family gatherings.

    Following the Conscious Uncoupling program, I then did the Calling in the One program with Greg coaching me. As a result, I now have realized my intention of being in a happy, healthy, fun, deeply loving, and fulfilling relationship (this is after a lifetime of toxic relationships!). I’m so happy and gratefully in love. Greg is an amazing and gifted coach. His patience, persistence and intuitive guidance comes from the deeply present and safe space he holds for me in a session. I am so grateful for having him as my coach and I would recommend him to anyone.

    Thank you Greg, my life has positively changed as a result of the clarity I received through your coaching. I feel as if my inner light is shining as brightly as it did when I was a young child and before all the 'stuff' happened, I have fallen in love with me after 62 years!

    Gayle S. Client, Kent, England
  • Working with Greg was an incredible experience. I came to him wondering why my wife and my world didn’t understand me and Greg very carefully and compassionately helped me see that I really didn’t understand myself. He helped me realize that I had some long-held beliefs that I was unaware of that were really preventing me from letting my wife, my kids, and other people in. I was always keeping part of me safe and hidden. With compassion, skill, and safety together we opened that door and healed a younger part of myself. The big difference I found working with Greg was that he had a plan, he told me from the onset what the steps would be and what the finish line would look like, and then with sensitivity he expertly took me there. Amazing. I can’t recommend him enough. He is professional, incredibly intuitive, and compassionate and my marriage and my relationships are in a far better place thanks to Greg.

    Tim K. Client, Toronto, Canada
  • Greg is a really gifted coach. He has a very personal and gentle approach to his coaching. He helped me to uncover my childhood wounds and recreate myself the way I would like my future to be. I now get to live in the moment – in the NOW and appreciate many good things that I have in life. I have been calling in my beloved and I am in a very beautiful soul based loving relationship as a result of this program and my coaching with Greg. I can’t recommend Greg highly enough if you want to experience love and happiness in your life.

    Natalya Client, Illinois
  • Having Greg as my coach for the CU program turned out to be one of the most important and significant investments, I could've ever made for myself and my future. From our first session until our last it was worth every penny because the insight and understanding I've gained from it is truly priceless. I really needed the extra support and for me, Greg was the perfect fit. I always felt comfortable and safe sharing very personal and painful parts of myself and my past with him and his approach always felt gentle and nonjudgmental. From the start I was able to trust him and be vulnerable, which is crucial in the healing process. I learned so much about myself working with Greg, both my inner wounded self and my true authentic self, as well as many new and invaluable skills for creating and sustaining deeper and more meaningful relationships moving forward. I truly am a different woman after finishing the program and I'm confident that the things I've learned will be the tools and skills necessary to build the life, relationship, and future I've always dreamed of. I'll forever be grateful for Greg and the profound ways he was able to help me during a very dark time in my life.

    Melanie Client, Purcellville, Virgina
  • Greg Wheeler's coaching provided us with the structure and space that we needed to uncouple in a respectful and organic way. We were able to put our triggers aside and focus on the deep love we have for each other to create the future as co-parents and friends that we wanted. Greg provided a clear structure and safe space to process and move forward. We still remain good friends and a strong co-parent team as a result of our conscious uncoupling process facilitated by Greg Wheeler. Thank you, Greg!

    Lauren Client, Sayulita, Mexico
  • I highly recommend Greg Wheeler as a coach. I was having difficulty in a current relationship and wanted to look for solutions. Greg suggested and led me through the Conscious Uncoupling process. He guided me through all the sessions allowing me to see many of my unconscious habits and ways of being that have thwarted me in having a deeply fulfilled authentic relationship with my partner. Since our work last year I have been able to stand truer to my values, express my truth more easily to my partner as well as in all my close relationships, and it has brought me closer to my partner and loved ones. Greg is a very good listener and communicates in a direct no non-sense way that has empowered me to see things about myself, make changes and be more aware of my unconscious behaviors that don’t serve me. I see where I gave in to others without truly respecting my own needs and wants and now I stand for myself in a strong way. I highly recommend Greg to anyone who wants to move forward in relationships and life . He has truly made a positive difference in my life.


    Jeff D. Client, Pennsylvania
  • My experience with Greg Wheeler as a coach and mentor has been trans-formative. And I mean that word when I say it. The conversations we have had have healed and opened my heart. In interacting with Greg I always felt safe. I knew I could trust him with what I was telling him. And in doing so and in receiving his compassion; I began to forgive myself for things of my past and present.

    What was very special to me was that whenever I was having some sort of breakdown in my life or in communication, especially in my relationship with my partner, my co-workers, or parents; I knew that when I called with something, I would have a breakthrough - new sight and perspective. A new understanding of what was going on so that I could proceed in a way that was constructive, open, and transformative vs. going forward without coaching I could imagine in some cases especially with my girlfriend if I had gone forward in the mindsets or warped perspectives it could have been very damaging at times. Instead of that some of the conversations that have followed Greg’s coaching have lead to the most important breakthroughs in our relationship, and my relationship to myself.

    In the Conscious Uncoupling process I could see Greg’s training and commitment shine through. The way he communicated in vulnerable and important conversations was a combination of grace, compassion, and what I found to be most special was his ability to keep me focused. Greg could catch me and stop when I began going off into old patterning and literally interrupt me to keep the conversation present and me present to my feelings emotions and thoughts so as to be able to better identify these things in the future. And that type of guidance has continued to show up in my life after our sessions. In other words I can interrupt myself before going down rabbit holes that do not serve me and lead me to take actions that further impact my life or other people in negative ways. Greg was also very professional in the way he conducted himself. I always knew he would be in communication and never leave me wondering

    Two of the biggest openings I had with Greg were: one with my relationship to my father. We went in and were looking at my relationship to my girlfriend. And what had come up was that I was beginning to notice how I was trying to be perfect for my girlfriend. It was an exhausting task, extremely stressful. I could never live up to my own expectations of myself and it became frustrating. What came up was my past with my dad. I identified where this patterning came from. This was also the reason I resented my father so much. It always, subconsciously occurred to me like I could never be good enough for my dad and I resented and rebelled against that idea my entire life. The strange thing was that I was still trying to be perfect anyway, especially in relationships and at work. The impact on this way of living was everywhere and what finally made the difference was to actually forgive my father for who he is and who he was. I actually was able to get that he was doing the best he could with what he had. I would have never known how big an impact that was having on my life until I let it go. The other piece that I got out of that was that I have gotten much better at accepting myself, and knowing that my girlfriend loves me. I actually have opened my eyes to that and know it and openly receive it vs. always feeling like I was not good enough. It is truly amazing what opens up when we dispel our illusions and Greg has lead me to a place I could not get on my own and we did it together with velocity.

    What really worked for me about the Conscious Uncoupling process was how present I became to myself and my life. In our conversations I finally learned how to be present. Like actually be here. What I mean by that is I got super-present to my patterning and my ability to truly see their impact and then how to see past them. I carry that ability with me now and forever. There is no better or more essential tool/ability that I can have than the ability to use my mind. I could go on and on but what I want to say is that the coaching I received from Greg over and over again became and created pivotal moments in my life. It has shifted the course of my life and has transformed my day to day, moment to moment well-being and joy.

    I would recommend this process and coaching with Greg to almost anyone. And to be truthful, I would love to see my girlfriend do it. Whether it be for your relationships - of which we can all use a hand with - or maybe past traumas. You may know that you have patterns that stem from the past and you know that they are playing out in your life but you can’t seem to move past them. I don’t know if Greg works with addiction, but the process has helped with some of mine. This is a golden opportunity to transform in a way you can not perceive as possible in this moment. That is why you should do a program with Greg. Allow you life and vision and relationship to life to open up. You have this life, this one time, might as well dive deep.

    My gratitude for the work Greg and I did together is unending and he truly came at a perfect time.

    Sat Nam Client
  • I’m incredibly grateful to Greg Wheeler for providing such insightful sessions. The 10 weeks in session with him were transformative. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, organized, mindful, intuitive, and supportive. He met me where I was in my healing journey and gently persuaded me out of my comfort zone into an empowered heart/head space. Greg coached me as I peeled away layers of painful dusty thought patterns that no longer serve my intended life experience. He guided me on the path to healthy love. He showed me how to find this within by creating a road map with literature, resources, and powerful sessions. Thank you, Greg, for your light, kindness, and all you give. God bless you, I’m excited about life!

    BTW- I sent my children’s father some screen shots of your book (Single Dad Essentials) - it has great insights and I want us to both do right by our kids.

    Leila Client, New Jersey
  • My experience with Greg Wheeler as a coach and mentor has been transformative. And I mean that word when I say it. The conversations we have had have healed and opened my heart. In interacting with Greg I always felt safe. I knew I could trust him with what I was telling him. And in doing so and in receiving his compassion; I began to forgive myself for things of my past and present.

    Jeffrey P. Client, Pennsylvania
  • The Conscious Uncoupling program has enabled me to let go of any sense of victimization or resentment that I had been holding onto and move forward into evolving our family in a more thoughtful and mindful way. Greg has been a wonderful coach and partner throughout the journey. He has a perfect balance of compassion and a willingness to be 100% honest with me throughout the process.

    Jason Client, Tennessee
  • Working with Greg meaningfully and permanently changed the course of my life for the better. You have to understand, I came in a weary skeptic of the value of the Conscious Uncoupling program. I am not one for woo-woo ideas or long tirades about feelings and had a built-in aversion to much of the initial concepts I came across in the program, simply because they were espoused by my soon to be former wife. As I went through the program I became consistently and systematically convinced of the value in working with Greg. He helped me, and by extension my co-parent and my children move into a better brighter future. Having been through the program and knowing what I know now, I would absolutely and without hesitation of any kind put my past self through the program again. I like myself more, I like my co-parent more, I enjoy my kids more, and I’ve never been as excited about my future as I am now. I cannot recommend Greg more highly.

    Mike Client, Washington DC
  • I believe that angels come into your life when you need them the most. Greg is for sure one of those angels. I was dealing with a lot of insecurities, fears and self-sabotaging habitual behaviors; I felt very lost and confused. With Greg's gentle and caring guidance, I was able to uncover my unconscious patterns and replace them with new and healthy ones. Greg helped me create my personal power statement, that gets me excited and motivated as I read it every morning! I honestly feel very blessed that Greg came into my life when he did and going forward I know for sure that with him as my coach, I can handle anything!


    Lena K. Client, Pennsylvania
  • A couple of months ago I started on a journey with Greg to help me guide my life and find a way to make a life changing decision on my marriage. I was in knots, anxious and did not love myself. I was over rationalizing my thoughts and pushing and hiding my feelings and desires away. I did not have the skills and the courage to express my true feelings and communicate my needs to people close to me. Working with Greg I learned how and opened up in the past months, I learned to love myself and started to express my feelings and needs to people close to me. Something I should have done decades ago and something that I will keep working on with the help of the tools and coaching that Greg provided. I feel liberated and am more authentic with other people than I ever was before. I am still me, but now I like myself better, I no longer feel anxious, and I feel passionate about what life will bring me. I learned that my own feelings guide me to happiness and am forever grateful that Greg helped lead me on this journey.

    Raoul Client, Belgium
  • When I met Greg I was in excruciating pain — the impending loss of my marriage had totaled my sense of self and well-being. I came to him in shock, and while I deeply wanted to take responsibility for my part in the loss, I had no idea how to do it. Greg's in-depth knowledge of the Conscious Uncoupling process, combined with his care, guidance and intuition led me safely through the most challenging personal work of my life. I now know what parts of me contributed to the erosion of the bond between me and my former partner, and I am immensely grateful to Greg for the essential role he played in helping me find my freedom. In addition to the powerful individual work I did with Greg, I had the support of Greg's skill and expertise in a round of joint Conscious Uncoupling sessions with my former partner. Greg was able to hold a profoundly loving space for both of us — one that always held us to our greatest goal of creating a healthy new relationship where we and our child can thrive. Because Greg knew our personal material with great depth and accuracy, he helped us hold our pain in ways that simply were not possible before. He helped us see and understand one another in ways we had never seen. He helped us take personal responsibility on a whole new level. Lastly, these joint sessions were often very emotionally charged, and Greg was adept at meeting the charge with great skill, kindness, and clarity. I know that with his help, my family can grow into its new shape with love. I will always be grateful to Greg.

    Jessica Client, Massachusetts
  • Greg is a wonderful coach. During our sessions he showed great patience, took a very personal approach, and went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable and clear with our discussions. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone interested in getting coaching on matters of the heart. As a result of my sessions with Greg I feel content and happy, and capable of feeling again after my divorce.

    Boris Client, Chicago, IL
  • I highly recommend Greg as a Conscious Uncoupling coach. I did both individual and joint portions of the conscious uncoupling work with Greg as the facilitator. I found him to be both respectful and also kept me accountable (when needed) to get the most out of the work. As a result, I feel that I have changed for the better in terms of inter- as well as intra-relationships. For me, going through this process changed me in a most fundamental way. Moving forward, I am now aware of my past behavioral patterns which affords me a choice on how to react to situations that relationships throw my way.

    Ramon M. Client, Massachusetts
  • I am so grateful to Greg and the Conscious Uncoupling process. For the first time in years, I have a new relationship with life! The coaching experience helped me overcome my challenges and brought forth more growth than I could have imagined possible. Greg was professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, and lovingly supportive every step of the way. I look forward to more coaching support in the future with Greg, my trusted ally in clarity.


    Holley C. Client, North Carolina
  • I highly recommend Coach Greg to everyone who wants to positively drastically change their life. I was fortunate enough to find Greg and the Calling in “The One” program as I transitioned out of college and into the very real world of unknowns. At that time in my life had no passion, no drive and found no little meaning in life. Working with Greg and Calling In “The One” woke me up! I see life from a whole new exciting perspective and can live in my full power. I now live a life full of passion, creativity, and endless love, with me as a center guiding force for myself. I didn't know what was holding me back and I didn't know what I didn't even know about myself. I'm in deep gratitude that with Greg's guidance I was able to learn and grow to create the relationships and life I'm loving.

    Denise (2020) Client
  • Working through my divorce was very personal and I originally thought it would be difficult to share. Greg helped me crack the shell and got me to talk about stuff I thought I never would. Greg never lost the plot, and kept us moving forward when I was ready for the next stage. I am now way more open with my business partners, friends, and family. No one has to worry about not understanding me. I am way more clear and to the point. I feel way more empowered because of this shift that Greg helped me make.


    Chris S. Client, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • For years I felt like my life was all red lights. I had always felt like I was running with a weight on me that I could never understand or quite voice. I felt this way till I went through the Conscious Uncouple course with Greg. With Greg as my teacher and guide, I learned a whole new way of living. I was able to face my past, let go of my negative patterns, and heal and see them in a new light that empowered me. I will forever be grateful to Greg. Because of his dedication and effort towards bringing out my very best, my life is now filled with green lights (happiness, fun, deep love, and an exciting future).

    Denise (2023) Client
  • I couldn't be more thankful to have done Greg's Conscious Uncoupling program. His way of conducting it is, first and foremost, very professional, but then he injects his kindness, compassion, and understanding. Because of Greg's experience, he can identify and sense things quite quickly, making you reflect on things you might or might not have been aware of before, and he will challenge you to ask yourself tough but very necessary questions, while supporting you all the way.

    I have grown because of this program. Thanks to him, I will never forget to honor my "Feelings, Needs, Desires and Boundaries." They are printed in my brain now, for GOOD.

    I recommend his program to EVERYONE; it doesn't matter if you are married, not married, or thinking of divorce or not. It is a program to know yourself and understand where you are now and why. We all need that self-awareness to manage and have better relationships with friends, family, or lovers. 200% recommended. Thanks a ton, Greg. The world needs more people like you! What a wonderful chance I got to work with you.

    Carolina Client, CA
  • Greg Wheeler has done a great service to single fathers [with his book], clueing them into the inner dimensions of parenting that will help them and their children thrive.


    Marianne Williamson
    Marianne Williamson Spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer. Author of A Return to Love and publisher of eleven other books, including four New York Times number one bestsellers. Marianne was one of the fifty most influential baby boomers in a December 2006 Newsweek Poll.
  • Greg’s expertise and his knowledge of parenting has been invaluable to me. Having an older teenager has been a challenge...exerting independence and a need to be right has caused many conflicts. Greg has given me techniques where I can parent in a way that’s win-win for both of us. I have become more conscious in my conversations and I am able to look at my son‘s point of view where before we would just argue. He has helped me to bring peace into situations that once left my son and I emotionally drained. I am always amazed at the results I get under Greg’s guidance.


    Vicki B. Client, New Jersey
  • Single Dad Essentials is like a 911 call response for single dads, providing wisdom, encouragement, hope, and key strategies for those looking to survive and thrive both as an individual and as a parent. Fathers navigating the path of single parenthood or co- parenting, while also striving to create happier, more engaged and loving relationships with their children, will find this brilliant book inspiring, instructive, and empowering.


    Katherine Woodward Thomas
    Katherine Woodward Thomas New York Times Belling Author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After
  • Greg is an extremely gifted therapist (coach). He connects deeply with his clients and helps them to heal themselves in a loving and compassionate manner. Greg has helped me personally and the work we have done together continues to pay dividends! I highly recommend Greg and I am confident that by working with him, you too, can have the life you desire."

    Wayne Client, NJ