Greg Speaks

Greg Wheeler is a certified coach, helping single parents – and through them, their children – to live happier and healthier lives. He works with people to transform life’s challenges, bad breaks and breakdowns in parenting, co-parenting, divorce, relationships, and career transitions into powerful quality-of-life breakthroughs

Experience Greg In Person

Audience members will experience multiple “a-ha” moments, as Greg takes them through his own and his clients’ growth – and transformations. Greg’s practical, personal tips, coupled with inspiring stories make for an engaging, life-changing experience.

Greg’s life positions him uniquely to be able to speak to men in transition. From career change to relationships to single parenting, he’s lived it. And he wants to share his wisdom with your group.

While Greg is available to speak to professional organizations and large groups, he loves to work with men’s groups, job seeker seminars, networking groups, PTAs, churches, and small support groups. His presentations can be tailored to any group.

Sample Titles

  • Single Dad Essentials
  • Finding Emotional Freedom
  • Reclaiming Your Power and Your Life
  • Healing Your Heart
  • Accelerating Your Career Transition
  • Empowering Your Relationships
  • Removing Your Career Blocks
  • Always Do What’s Best For the Kids

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