How We Work Together

A coach, not a therapist.

First, I want to be clear that I’m a coach, not a therapist. Like any coach, I work proactively with clients to create the intent for the healthier life that they want to live. With that intent in mind, we work through self-exploration exercises. We use a process to identify and heal blockages or stories that hinder progress towards the intended life or goal. I coach clients through a process to develop new-found insights and skills which will help them implement or take actions that will create transformative positive life changes. Like an athletic coach, we try new things, explore what works for you, strengthen areas that are weak or hold back progress, and then I monitor, provide progress feedback, and celebrate successes and breakthroughs.

What we need to do

To create new opportunities and ways of quality living, we work to heal your internal wounds. We do this by identifying, facing, embracing, and replacing them. In this process we need to be authentic and truly honest with ourselves, to step out of victimization and to identify our part in the situation. To find the deeper truth about how we got here, we discover how our stories came to be and how they helped us move through life to be who and where we are.

Your journey has been and is unique so I can’t tell you any of that to start with – and if I could, you wouldn’t truly believe it anyway. What I can do that is transformative and life changing is to help you to figure it out for yourself and to develop your own full understanding of how you came to be who and where you are. From there you get to choose to show-up and be who you want to be going forward. In that journey, you’ll heal yourself from the inside out, which will improve your relationships and life on the outside. This is the journey of self-discovery that I’ll coach you through.

The Nitty-Gritty

Our Initial Consultation

  • Our initial 10 to 20 minute call is free. I talk with you to determine if your needs and my offerings match up. If not, I can often make good suggestions for an alternative. If they do match up, then we’re on our way.

In our work together…

  • we identify your intent for your future
  • we identify your strong feelings and their causes
  • we dive into the impact those causes and strong feelings had that caused you to create the stories you live from, with and inside of. This work helps you to understand some of what you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself that have been causing repeating patterns and holding you back. Healing and getting past the stories can be very life transformative.
  • we identify the deeper truth beyond your story and break down that it is just a story
  • we determine how to wrap up the story, create and get you on the future path you want to live
  • There can be follow-up integration sessions if desired to help integrate and to continue to create the intended future.

In summary, we’ve identified root cause(s), and faced, embraced, healed, and replaced them.

This process typically takes seven or eight once a week 60 to 90-minute sessions to receive the maximum benefits. It is applicable, efficient, powerful, impactful, and very beneficial in each of the areas I coach as the process works by identifying and replacing behaviors and opinions of yourself, others, and life that have been part of the causes of what’s been holding you back. This releases you to achieve your greater potential and live a more authentic, healthier, happier and abundant life.

Each client is unique, and there is no specific set of rights and wrongs. The powerful benefits of working one-on-one with me are: I tailor the work specifically for you. I provide you with insights relative to your situation. I help you bring out new skills and techniques that apply to what you are and have been dealing with and are relevant to different perspectives. In short, a unique plan.

It is an honor to work with each client, meeting them exactly where they are and journeying with them through this growth and healing process. With love, patience, intent, empathy, and trust, this process works really well. It transforms lives.

Wherever You Are All Coaching Sessions Can be Via Zoom or Skype