Career transition coaching

Because careers are complicated

I can help you discover what you’re meant to do next and quickly find that next position.

Career transition coaching can help you get back on track when your professional (or personal) life takes an unexpected turn.  Like all major life transitions, changing careers – or even jobs – can be an earth-shaking experience. As part of my holistic approach to helping my clients, I can work with you to discover those things about you that you don’t yet know about you. And once you know those things, the way becomes clearer and you can enthusiastically approach your next steps.

I’ve been there. In my career, I started at a workbench, swept floors, and worked my way up to be a VP in two companies. I’ve worked in big and small companies, in eight different industries, and changed jobs at least eight times. I‘ve pounded the pavement, hired people, fired people, and mentored people. I’ve managed small and large teams. I have a deep and varied experience.

Career Transition Coaching

When you’re thinking about a change – and especially when circumstance has thrust a change upon you – lots of questions come up. Do I just want a change of scene? How can I go out on my own? What’s the financial impact? Where do I want to be? What do I truly want to do? And where will it all lead? Having a career transition coaching session with a seasoned coach to help you find real, honest answers for yourself can make all the difference.

Let me use my training and experience to help you quickly and efficiently transition to your next career opportunity.

Career Transition Coaching or Life Coaching Program – Six, 90-minute sessions each

Wherever You Are All Career Transition Coaching Sessions Can be Via Zoom or Skype