Meet Greg Wheeler

As a life and relationship coach, I'm here only for your highest and best good

I have always loved helping to find solutions

I’m Greg Wheeler, Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to know how things worked and to fix things. When I got a new toy, I would take it apart to see how it worked. I can remember friends and family members telling me from an early age that I should be a priest or therapist. But I took a different problem-solving path: I became an engineer. I solved tough technical, team, manufacturing, and performance problems. I’ve been a corporate VP. I’ve led teams and received patents for the solutions we created.

So How Did I Become A Coach?

After 14 years of marriage to a special lady, our marriage ended. That was over 20 years ago now, and as a single dad I raised four kids. My former wife was a thousand miles away. I went through bankruptcy as a result of the divorce, but kept the house. Through economic, industrial, and personal ups-and-downs, I raised my kids and got them all into college – even if they didn’t all stay there!

By January of 2016, I was tired of working for corporations and burned out on engineering. I decided it was time to do something about it, so I began an extensive process, examining what I truly wanted. And it turned out that I wanted to help fathers, like myself, navigate the challenges they face every day.

Now, with what has turned out to be years of research and training, I am helping people find out what they don’t know they don’t know about themselves.

As a holistic coach for single dads, I’m passionate about helping fathers become the best versions of themselves. The best versions of fathers create happier, healthier, and more abundant lives for their kids, themselves, and their significant others.

Here are some of my credentials:

    • A Certified Conscious Uncoupling coach
    • A Kundalini Yoga teacher
    • An Integrated Energy Therapist, Master Level
    • A Program Management Professional, PMP and
    • An Electrical Engineer, Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

But, more important than anything else, I’m the father of four fantastic kids.

Becoming a certified coach was a transformational process for me and my family. After 20 years of difficult and sometimes painful conversations, where we only spoke when we had to and we were very uncomfortable being in the same room together, we have healed the hurt, anger and frustration.

We now have spent 5 days practically living together with our 4 children during the past two Christmases and it was wonderful for all. I want to share and give you the opportunity to put this transformational process to work for you.